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Booking with us you will gain yourself Vietnam Travel Points, which can be changed into gifts, future tours and even cash.

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Y Linh Ho Village

Y Linh Ho village is considered as the top destinations that you should visit when you are in Sapa. For more information about Y Linh Ho village and tours, come visit our website Sapa Tours right away.

Y Linh Ho is a small commune composed of dozens of small hamlets scattering on the very tough mountain terrain with high and steep mountains. There are hundreds of inhabitants from the Black H’mong only living in this commune. They built their rudimentary houses on their farmland and mainly cultivate corn and dry rice on the steep hillsides.

Y Linh Ho village is located on the west side of Muong Hoa River, about 7 km southwest from Sapa town. In the old days, the only way to get to the commune is on foot from the main road. But nowadays, you can use bike or small car to go through. It is recommended to ride a bike so you can enjoy the scenery and atmosphere at its best. If you are not confident in your riding skill nor your health for trekking, taking a taxi is another nice option too.

Y Linh Ho village is home to the Black Mong who wear very dark clothing in blacks and navy dyed with indigo (often seen on the hands of older Mong women). They are very friendly and eager to help tourists learn about their culture and customs, such as weaving fabric and textiles. Tourists are encouraged to buy souvenirs like brocade scarves, embroidering cushions or ethnic instruments as an act to help the locals improving their traditional craft and for living.

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