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Booking with us you will gain yourself Vietnam Travel Points, which can be changed into gifts, future tours and even cash.

Booking with us you will gain yourself Vietnam Travel Points, which can be changed into gifts, future tours and even cash.

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Solo Travellers Will Love These Places In Asia

Whether you’re a long-term solo travelers or planning your very first solo travel trip, Asia is the perfect place to go by yourself. In Asia the transport between countries is brilliant, most cities are cosmopolitan and safe (especially for women) and there’s accommodation that fit all kinds of budgets.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a popular city for many travelers across the world. From street food markets to cultural museums and scenic freshwater lakes, you can find it all in Hanoi. From Hanoi you can easily get to explore the North of Vietnam, including Halong Bay and Sapa, while also enjoying the ease of a modern vibrant city.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo makes you feel like you are traveling to the future – flashing neon lights, incredible technology – yet you still find yourself get lost in its richness of culture and history. As a dream city for solo travelers in Asia, it’s not surprising that you might encounter both modern art installations and ancient temples in Tokyo.

Bali, Indonesia

From surfers and backpackers to honeymooners and solo travelers, everybody has been attracted to the Indonesian island of Bali. Depend on your preference, you can find joy in the terraced rice fields, pristine beaches, world-class surf spots or historical temples.  Not to mention the food and drink are also the reason why Bali is one of the best islands in Asia.


Singapore is a small island city yet it remains as a centre of tourism and a serious hub for travel in Asia. What makes Singapore one of the best places for solo travel in Asia is the numbers of things to do, see and eat. It’s an easy city to travel over with a cosmopolitan vibe and a flourishing expat community.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of the most well-known and most-visited cities in Asia. With so many things to do and see, it’s easy to understand. The huge transit system let visitors get to different places and areas at ease. Seoul is the perfect combination of old and new with modern features and high-tech along with ancient temples and street markets.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is known as a popular city for travelers choosing the backpacking route. While it does boast one of the world’s treasures, Angkor Wat temple, there are also lots of other temples and massive things to check out here. Don’t be surprised if you encounter other solo travelers here, so take this chance to make some friends.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Anyone looking for a  a calm, laid back place should travel to this mountain city of northern Thailand. Hill tribe villages, elephant sanctuaries and busy markets are what you can expect here. There’s also beautiful scenery and waterfalls to explore, all in a very safe atmosphere.

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