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Booking with us you will gain yourself Vietnam Travel Points, which can be changed into gifts, future tours and even cash.

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Home Travel News 6 Reasons Make Ha Long The Number One Destination In 2020

6 Reasons Make Ha Long The Number One Destination In 2020

Dubbed as a heritage land of Vietnam, Ha Long is a favorite destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Ha Long deserves to be the number one choice for tourists in 2020. Send us your request through our website Sapa Tours if you want to experience Ha Long this summer.

1/ Pristine, majestic nature

Ha Long is not only an impressive destination in Vietnam but also a familiar name on the World tourism map. Possess a comprehensive beauty from the sea to the mountains, from the bustling city to the rustic, peaceful fishing village and from the dynamic beauty to the rare, majestic appearance.

Halong Bay – the natural wonder of the world is a definite address not to be missed. The perfect natural scenery of thousands of limestone islands undulating on the sea with sky full of clouds makes it extremely attractive. With thousands of beautiful limestone islands and caves, Ha Long is sure to make first-time visitors admire.

A special thing that attracts visitors to Ha Long is the fresh and absolutely peaceful space. Although being put into tourism for a long time, Ha Long Bay in particular and Ha Long in general still retain the full beauty of the status quo. The tourism industry always pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable tourism development for this paradise island.

2/Diversified exploring activities

Coming to Ha Long, you can choose between leisure activities such as swimming, playing at the complex or exploring the nature here.

If you are interested in exploring local culture, Van Boi fishing village, one of the remaining 5 floating fishing villages of Ha Long Bay, is the place for you. If you are passionate about the experience, try kayaking, climbing and cycling.

3/Various cuisines

Not only has the beautiful landscape, Ha Long is also a paradise place for foodies. The list of specialties as well as delicacies here is extremely rich, bearing the flavor of both mountains and the sea. Not to mention specialties such as rice rolls with squid sausage, seaweed porridge, vermicelli noodles, noddle buns, grilled chicken, steamed seaweed, steamed oysters, grilled oysters, and dried food.

4/Convenient to travel

Infrastructure development, roads are upgraded making travel time from Hanoi to Ha Long is greatly shortened. For southern guests, you can fly to Hanoi or fly straight to Van Don airport, then move to Ha Long.

If it used to take 4-5 hours to travel to Ha Long, today, with the Hanoi-Hai Phong highway, visitors only need to ride 1.5-2 hours to reach the city quickly, saving a lot of time.

The Hanoi-Hai Phong Expressway has become a major artery route, making Ha Long a modern tourist city by 2020. In particular, the benefits of this route are not small in the development of tourism, makes tourism a key economic sector for Quang Ninh province.

5/Experience diverse accommodation services

Considered a tourist paradise of Vietnam, Ha Long has constantly invested in all tourism products, meeting all the needs of domestic and international tourists. The most proud place to mention is the extremely diverse accommodation service system that always leading the quality.

If other tourist cities focus on building hotels and resorts, Ha Long especially has a completely unique accommodation type – overnight boats.

Ha Long possesses a unique wonder of the bay population including 1969 islands, large and small, taking advantage of this, Ha Long has put the overnight boats into operation, bringing the most unique experiences for visitors come to the wonder.


In fact, a trip to Ha Long is not as expensive as you think. The transportation, dining, accommodation and entertainment services here are completely transparent and reasonable. Another important thing is that Ha Long does not have the situation of pulling or forcing tourists to use the service to collect money. On the contrary, you are free to choose the desired service with the price you think is okay.

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