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Home Travel News 3 Churchs You Should Visit In Hanoi In Christmas Day

3 Churchs You Should Visit In Hanoi In Christmas Day

The St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Ham Long Church and Hang Bot Church are lit with lights and Christmas trees, attracting many tourists before the official holiday. Join Asia Charm Tours in discovering how people in Hanoi celebrate this holiday, and check out more amazing tours departing from Hanoi at our website Sapa Tours.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

This is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Hanoi and is also one of the oldest churches in the city. About a week from Christmas holidays, the place starts to be decorated with many items. In front of the large yard is a large Christmas tree, sparkling decorated with light and Christmas gift models.

From about 17h, all the lights are turned on, attracting many visitors.

Located in the center of a large flower garden in front of the church is a small cave where Jesus was born. Dozens of stone statues from small to large, mangers, cattle are meticulously sculpted.

The fence surrounding the small landscape hangs Christmas laurels and colorful lights.

Visitors can visit the church but remember to remove the hat and not making noise.

In the chilly weather of Hanoi, many people and tourists come to the church to pray and take photos. The entrance to the church will close at 22h.

Nha Tho Street is famous for lemon tea stalls and grilled meat skewers on both sides of the road. From here visitors can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with the sound of the bell from the church.

Ham Long Church

Located at 21st Ham Long Street, the church stands out thanks to the light, reflecting on the white painted building and for not being too crowded. Before Christmas, the fence surrounding the church is decorated with tiny light strips, creating beautiful effects.

Outside, from the beginning of Ngo Quyen street which extends about 100 meters to the church, all trees on both sides are decorated with yellow lights.

Located on the left from the main gate of the church is a Christmas tree and small landscape, telling the story of the birth of God, surrounded by flocks of cattle. The landscape is brightly illuminated in many colors, like an aura shining in the night. Beneath the image of God, Mary and Joseph are colorful artificial flowers.

The church hour starts from 6:30 to 19:00 daily; Friday night is 19:30. Particularly at Christmas, on 24/12, the church opens until 23h.

Hang Bot Church

Hang Bot church, also known as Nha Nuoi, is located at 162 Ton Duc Thang street. In the Christmas atmosphere, the church also prepares many decorative items. Entering from the main gate, you will see a tree about 5 meters, glowing with lights and decorative balls located on the right hand. The door to the church is hung with many pine branches.

At the foot of the pine tree were simulated gift boxes, wrapped with glittering paper and ribbons. This scene symbolizes the gift-giving customs that are indispensable on this occasion.

On the night of 24/12, there will be church service to celebrate Christmas. From 6am the following day, the church will celebrate until 19h.

The inside is decorated with small pine trees and Christmas laurels.

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